Hillyard, Dish Presoak

Dish Presoak is a pre-soak cleaner for tableware and flatware and also a detarnisher for silver. It softens and loosens the toughest food soils for easy removal in the dish machine. Due to special water conditioning agents, Dish Presoak gives excellent results in all water conditions. Oxide removal agents in Dish Presoak remove tarnish from silver by safe electrolytic action. Designed to be used for institutional presoaking of utensils. NEVER pour directly on ware. Keep out of dish machine.

  • Loosens soil quickly.

  • Detarnishing capabilities.

  • Can use in all types of water conditions.

Formula Size UPC
HIL0001206 4 - 1 Gallon Containers



Solubilizes or dissolves at least one other substance to form a solution.
Binds hard water and other minerals to allow the cleaning actives to perform more effectively.
Cleaning agent
Supplies and maintains alkalinity to assist in cleaning.
Supplies and maintains alkalinity to assist in cleaning.
Imparts color to the product.