Hillyard, Arsenal® Green Select® Cleaner Degreaser

Green Seal Certified. Green Select Degreaser Cleaner will clean walls, kitchen floors, resilient tile, tables, and machinery, and removes tough, greasy soil from any surface not harmed by water. Better cleaning efficiency is achieved by using a unique combination of environmentally preferred surfactants. Formulated to be effective with cold water, which is better for the environment because it uses less energy.

  • Environmentally preferred surfactant blend.

  • Concentrated for economical cost-in-use.

  • Green Seal Certified.

Formula Size UPC
HIL0082825 4 - 2.5 Liter Containers 780458006327



Solubilizes or dissolves at least one other substance to form a solution.
Surface active agent helps remove dirt, stains and bad smells.
Supplies and maintains alkalinity to assist in cleaning.
Binds hard water and other minerals to allow the cleaning actives to perform more effectively.
Controls the pH level of a product to ensure stability and maximize performance.
Preserves products from bacterial spoilage during transit and storage.
Imparts color to the product.
Imparts color to the product.
Imparts color to the product.