Hillyard, Above® Pot & Pan Sanitizer 21

Pot & Pan Sanitizer 21 is a quaternary sanitizer which can be safely used on all washable hard, non-porous, inanimate environmental surfaces. This product, when used as a sanitizer, is approved as a final sanitizing rinse for food equipment surfaces. This product is for use as a sanitizer on dishes, glassware, utensils, and dairy processing equipment at 200-400 ppm active quaternary without potable water rinse. Designed for use in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, restaurants and bars where disinfection, sanitization and deodorization are of prime importance. Deodorizes areas which are difficult to keep fresh smelling, such as garbage storage areas which are prone to odors caused by microorganisms.

Pot & Pan Sanitizer 21 used at 2 ounces per gallon (or equivalent dilution) is an effective virucide *against the following viruses on hard non-porous environmental surfaces: SARS-CoV-2 after 30 seconds.

  • EPA Registration No. 1839-86-1658

  • Concentrated

  • No rinse sanitizer

Formula Size UPC
HIL0358106 4 - 1 Gallon Containers



Solubilizes or dissolves at least one other substance to form a solution.
Kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces.
Kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces.
Imparts color to the product.